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"Charlbury Pre-School is a wonderful place
and my child is so happy here."

Thank you!

The pre-school would not exist without this tireless fundraising, co-ordinated by the committee and made possible by the participation of dozens of parents. We’d like to thank everyone in the community, as well of course as our parents and family members, for their continued support.

We would also like to acknowledge the generous annual contributions from our many local supporters, including Charlbury Beer Festival, Charlbury Town Council, Charlbury Garden Society, the local Co-operative Food Store and many, many more individual and corporate donors. All of you make this possible: thank you!


Parent-led fundraising is a vital component to keeping the pre-school afloat. These are examples of the fundraising that parents do:

Farmers’ Markets

We run our own fantastic café in the middle of the Playing Close at the Farmers’ Markets every quarter. Parents bake produce for sale, and we make the best cuppa at the market!

Riverside Festival

We run the tea and cakes tent at Charlbury’s very own free festival. Riverside has three stages and over 4,000 people attend every year.

Wilderness and Cornbury Festivals

We often run stalls at these annual festivals. This is definitely one to put your name down for!

We’ve also done a number of one-off events to raise cash, including a brilliant pop-up used-clothing shop, gig nights at The Shed, talks by local educational guru Will Ord, and a Christmas party.

If you have a fundraising idea, make sure to let us know. We are always on the look-out for the next Big Idea.

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