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How to get involved

There are loads of ways to get involved in your child’s life at the pre-school.

You can speak to your child’s key person or other members of staff about how our child is getting on pretty much any time. We operate an open-door policy.

Every day at drop-off and pick-up, you can chat with fellow parents about anything and everything to do with pre-school and what the children have been up to.

Most parents find their parent rota duties a genuine pleasure, joining in with the sessions and seeing how their child is doing. You can read more about our parent rota system here.

Lots of parents have practical skills that would interest the children. Do you have something you’d like to talk to the children about, or an activity you’d like to lead? Give us a shout.

You can help at any of the fundraising events we put on.

And if you want to take it that little bit further, it’s fun to sit on the parent committee to work as a team to take the pre-school forwards.

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